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Common Hearing Loss Related Abbreviations

Some common hearing loss related abbreviations as compiles by the Beyond-Hearing e-mail list.
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act 
ADAAG ADA Accessibility Guidelines 
AGB Alexander Graham Bell Association
ALD Assistive Listening Device
ALDA Association of Late Deafened Adults 
ALS Assistive Listening System 
ASL American Sign Language 
ATA American Tinnitus Association 
BTE Behind the Ear (HA or CI) 
B-H Beyond-Hearing 
CAN Computer Assisted Notetaking 
CAPD Central Auditory Processing Disorder 
CART Computer Assisted Realtime Captioning 
CC Closed Captioning 
CHHA Canadian Hard of Hearing Association 
CHS Canadian Hearing Society 
CI Cochlear Implant 
CIC Completely In Canal (HA) 
CICI Cochlear Implant Club International 
DAI Direct Audio Imput 
db decibel 
ENT Ear Nose Throat doctor 
FM Frequency-Modulated radio waves (Type of ALD) 
HA Hearing aid 
HAT Hearing Assistive Technology 
HATIS Hearing Aid Telephone Interconnect System 
HOH Hard Of Hearing 
IFHOH Intl. Federation of HOH Organizations 
IR InfraRed (Type of ALD) 
ITE In the Ear (HA)
ITC In The Canal (HA) 
NAD National Association of the Deaf 
OC Open Captioning 
SHHH Self Help for Hard Of Hearing People Inc.
SWC Say What Club 
TTY Teletype
TDD Telecommunications Device for the Deaf 
VCO Voice Carry Over
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